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The One and Only Jessi, but would you want another

On to another important topic I bring up, when they were talking about Idol Gives Back and they mentioned a duet you had to see to believe, I sorta have a gut feeling it's Saula. I looked at the shadows of the people they showed when they said that and I put it on slow mo (I ♥ my DVR), and it looks like Simon and Paula. Notice the haircut on the guy and the walk. And the height difference between the guy and the girl (about the same as Saula when Paula has heels on) and the body type looked like Paula. And I believe that it was two weeks ago (?) when Ryan asked Simon if they raised $20 million would he sing, etc. (Total hint dropping perhaps?) Paula did mention that she was ansy to perform again... Just a theory, and something to keep me Saula hyper throughout the week. Probably won't happen because Simon said that he can't sing, but we'll have to see.

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