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Simon and Paula

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[10 Aug 2009|01:14pm]


Mark Ballas: Just Say No to Paula as Dancing Judge

Today 6:05 AM PDT by

Paula Abdul, Mark Ballas Michael Caulfield/Getty Images, Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Mark Ballas wouldn't mind seeing Paula Abdul on Dancing With the Stars—just not as a judge.

"I think we're good with our judges," Ballas told me yesterday at the Teen Choice Awards. "I think she should be on the show as a competitor."

Considering Abdul's dance background, can't she be one of the show's professional dancers?


"She can't be a professional because she's not a ballroom or a Latin dancer," Ballas explained. "She'd be great as a competitor. She's a great personality, everybody loves her and she makes great TV."

If the former American Idol judge does end up on the next season of DWTS, producers better make it happen pronto. Ballas said he starts training with his new celebrity partner in two weeks. He insists he doesn't know who he's been paired with.

Shawn Johnson, the Olympic gymnast who won DWTS last season with Ballas, said we'll be seeing her in the audience come season nine.

"I'm gong to be getting the death glare when I walk down the stairs with my new partner," Ballas said.

And speaking of Johnson, I am happy to report that she finally has her repaired disco ball trophy at home after it was damaged shortly after their big win. Johnson beamed, "It's at home on a mantelpiece on display beautifully."


i hope they change their minds and give Paula the money she's asking for. I think once she leaves, it will be the begining of the end for AI.

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[22 Oct 2008|09:21pm]

I emailed a magazine that had Paula on it, when I asked about back-order issue they gave me this, its bigger than any I have seen before of this picture :)

It came as a PDF but here are screen shots of what I am talking about:

And here is the link for the PDF


Enjoy :)
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Paula in the UK? [27 Jun 2007|07:17pm]


Hi Saula fans!!

Have anyone heard that Paula is going to spend some time in the UK during the off season of American Idol to ''help Simon with some projects''? Apparently Simon asked her to help him and she felt very honored about it! I think she's already in the UK since she appeared on many TV shows (youtube.. :P). In one of the shows that I watched she said that she loves living there! 

I wonder what the ''projects'' are though.  

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[18 Apr 2007|10:47pm]

On to another important topic I bring up, when they were talking about Idol Gives Back and they mentioned a duet you had to see to believe, I sorta have a gut feeling it's Saula. I looked at the shadows of the people they showed when they said that and I put it on slow mo (I ♥ my DVR), and it looks like Simon and Paula. Notice the haircut on the guy and the walk. And the height difference between the guy and the girl (about the same as Saula when Paula has heels on) and the body type looked like Paula. And I believe that it was two weeks ago (?) when Ryan asked Simon if they raised $20 million would he sing, etc. (Total hint dropping perhaps?) Paula did mention that she was ansy to perform again... Just a theory, and something to keep me Saula hyper throughout the week. Probably won't happen because Simon said that he can't sing, but we'll have to see.

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New community! [14 Aug 2005|07:54pm]

Ok guys i've made this community cause i got bored ..lol.. please join if you're a saula fan!! If anyone wants too be maintainer with me that would be cool!! enjoy yourselfs!
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